Monday, November 18, 2013

Cars 2: Cartney Brakin

Here's Cartney Brakin, a chase car from 2012 and #40 from the Cars 2 initial line!
This car was extremely hard to find and sold for a pretty penny online (and still sells for about $20-$40). He seemed to be just as rare as a "super chase" car.

Cartney (as seen in the screen shot above) can be seen in Cars 2 during the arrival to Tokyo montage. He (or she?) seems to be a little kid super fan car who faints upon seeing the real Lightning Mcqueen there at the store.

Earlier this year, after having given up on finding Cartney since Cars 2 singles had long passed, I was thrilled when I  randomly checked the Walgreens toy section one day. Not looking for anything specific and definitely not expecting to find anything I needed, there was one Cartney Brakin seemingly out of nowhere-a good 7 months or so after the original release. Super random right? I was so exited! 

For you Cars collectors, it's always a good idea to check your local CVS and Walgreens stores as they sometimes have some random older cars that might be exactly who you're looking for!

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