Sunday, November 3, 2013

Toy Story: TSC Bucket O Soldiers (Army Men)

toy story bucket o soldiers

 This is my very last "Toy Story Collection" post! Here is the TSC Bucket O Soldiers from wave 1 back in 2009. This has recently been re-released at Toys R Us stores and can easily be found. 

The soldiers and package are just as they appear in the films and each of the poses seen is represented-there are even 2 parachutes included so you can reenact the classic moment from Toy Story when the soldiers go on a mission to Andy's birthday party. 
bucket o soldiers

And if you missed my post a few months ago, I also have the original 1995 version of this from Thinksway as well...check out that and some other of my original characters here!  

It's sad that this "Toy Story Collection" didn't continue with wave 4 and beyond. A few characters I would have loved to see made are: Trixie, Mrs Potato Head, Stretch and Stinky Pete. Comment below on which characters YOU would like to see if Thinkway continues this collection someday!  

Dan Fun Fact: When I was little, I used to stand these guys on my Christmas tree branches to play out the scene at the end of the original film when they are scoping out Christmas morning.

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