Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Monsters University: Alumni License Plate Frame and Window Decal

Last night, Brita and I got our very generous Halloween care package from my parents (since we couldn't be home in CT for all the festivities) and I was so excited to find a couple of Pixar prizes in there amongst all the treats! 

So in the next couple days, I'll be posting about the few items I got...starting today with this awesome Monsters University license plate frame and window decal! 

These are fantastic. I was so pumped to get these because I just got a new car last month and I really wanted it to be a "Dan car" and really show my personality. Already the car is burnt orange, which is my favorite color, but I really wanted to represent my love for Pixar in some way as well. 

These accessories were the perfect way to do that as I absolutely LOVE Monsters University and the themes/message throughout. As soon as I was reminded about these items by looking around at a few weeks ago, I knew they were what I needed to show off my Pixar "fandom."

I hope people will get a kick out of these as they drive behind me and say to themselves "Ha! Monsters University! That is awesome."

As soon as I woke up this morning, I was excited to put them on the car...and there we have it all decked out with MU pride! 

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