Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pixar Collection: Pixar Series 2 Vinylmation

Last night UPS came with an anticipated package from the Disney first three blind box Vinylmations from the Pixar Series 2! It's always a super exciting time opening "blind box" Vinylmations, as you have no idea who you're gonna get. 

 And here they are! I got Emile from Ratatouille, my personal favorite (one of the ones I was really hoping for) Dory from Finding Nemo and Dot from A Bug's Life. The remaining four can be seen on the box above and then of course the last one is always the "mystery chaser", which this time is the Witch from Brave. Hoping to get that one for sure! There is also a Mrs. Incredible variant which is her in her retro "Elastigirl" suite (which is even more hard to find then the chaser).

  Love the little detail of Marlin on the back of Dory:

Each Vinylmation in this Pixar series 2 has a companion (for lack of a better word) in Pixar series 1:
Series 2////Series1 
The Witch--King Fergus 
Mrs. Incredible--Mr. Incredible 
Mr. Pricklepants--Chuckles

And of course a huge thanks to my parents for sending these over for a little Thanksgiving present since I'm Thankful for Pixar (that was my excuse to connect these to Thanksgiving)! 

UPDATE 1/07/14-
YES! I was able to tracked down the chaser in this collection...the Witch from Brave! Very cool choice, yet unexpected choice for the chaser character. It has a great design and great detail, as always! It will look great with the other Vinylmations from Brave-Merida, the triplets and Fergus.

For Christmas I was lucky enough to have gotten the whole rest of this series from my parents so stay tuned for more updates soon!

UPDATE 1/23/14-
Here is Alpha from Up! Another Christmas surprise...this one came from a good friend Brian Hughes, so I have to give him a big thanks for sending this over to me! This one goes great with the Dug Vinylmation from Series 1 and has a similar style.

Alpha, I think, is one of the most hilarious parts about Up...his personality combined with the high voice from the broken collar gets me every time. This is a very welcome addition to the collection.

UPDATE 1/27/14-
For Christmas from my parents I was surprised with a whole bunch of unexpected of them was the Boo and Little Mikey 2-pack! I believe this is the first 3" blind box Vinylmation to include a second one within the box.

 Boo here goes great with Mike from the first Pixar Series and I can't wait to see if more Vinylmations get made from Monsters Inc. Could a Pixar Series 3 be in development? I would love to see Monsters Inc. get its own series of 8 or 12 actually! The characters that would make my list if a Monsters Inc. Series was made would be Mike and Sulley with MI hard hats, Roz, the Yeti, Randall, Fungus, Celia, Needleman, Smitty, George Sanderson, Waternoose and Boo in her monster costume as the chaser. What are your thoughts? Who would you like to see made? Leave a comment below!

  Little Mikey here was a great idea on their part. I love it! Mikey is considered a "Vinylmation Jr." as seen on the bottom of him in the picture below:

Thanks once again for stopping by and exploring my collection. Be sure to check back daily for more and stay tuned for many updates to come!

UPDATE: 2/02/14-
Happy Groundhog Day and Super Bowl Sunday! Here we have the Mrs. Incredible Vinylmation with its clever design. Some people don't like it, but I think she looks great paired with Mr. Incredible from Series 1 (see my Instagram account)! 

Of course, as you may know, there is another Mrs. Incredible in the series as well...the elusive and rare "Elastigirl" variant (wearing the costume from the movie's opening). For those of you who aren't familiar, the "variant" is not the chaser but even more hard to find and is a variation on a character from the main series. It is unknown exactly how many of these "variants" are made, but what we do know is...not many. Some people have been lucky enough to find the Elastigirl one (seen here) but I'm not one of them. If you've been lucky enough to get it, let me know in the comments below! I love hearing Vinylmation success stories. 

UPDATE: 2/09/14-
And here it is...the last character I needed to complete my Pixar Series 2 Vinylmation collection...Mr. Pricklepants! This may be my favorite one in this series; I just love the design of this guy. I'm a big fan of how they incorporated his quills on his head/back (it's actually a softer, rubbery material rather than the harder vinyl) and his German hat off to the side of the ear. 

He also, of course, goes fantastic with the Toy Story Series 1 Vinylmation and Chuckles the clown from the Pixar Series 1

I'm REALLY excited for the second Toy Story Series this year and continue to speculate who might be included in the line-up. 

For more talk and speculation on who YOU would hope to see in the Toy Story Series 2, visit the Pixar Post Forum and join the discussion. 

Again, a BIG thanks for this amazing Christmas surprise from my parents. I was not expecting them to get the rest of this series for me!


  1. You ought to join the Vinylmation Exchange group on FB! Lots of people trading and selling great vinyls on there, although you seem to have most of the ones you'd be interested in. I did notice that in addition to the Buzz Lightyear ride vinyl in Park 5, Park 13 has one of zurgs robots from the ride as well.

  2. Cool! I just liked it on FB. Thanks for letting me know! And yah, you're right, the Zurg robot ones are out there too. Forgot bout those since I mainly just collect the mainstream ones from the films but I just may cave in and buy the ride ones too! :)

  3. The buzz ride one is one of my favorite vinyls, the colors are so vibrant!

  4. Since your update about the Boo and Little Mikey, asked about what Vinyl's we'd like to see if there were a Monsters, Inc. line...I've LOVE to see the Needleman and Smitty ones you mentions. I'd also love to see a Yeti (with snow cones) as the chaser!! :) As far as additional characters...there could also be a series of variants for Randall that could be really cool (like the various colors he changes when Boo is hitting him over the head with a bat)!

  5. Thanks for always checking things out over here! : ) And yah no prob...trying to get as many people involved over there as I can! Hope it helps

  6. Jennifer TurzynskiMarch 31, 2014 at 9:59 AM

    I got the variant elastigirl for my first opening! I'm a new collector and was unsure what was going on-your article was helpful :)

  7. That is fantastic! As you read, those very hard to find... I'm jealous for sure : ) Thank you so much for the comment and for visiting my blog. Looking forward to hearing more from you soon!