Saturday, November 30, 2013

Cars: Mike and Sulley Movie Moments 2-Pack

 Here is the Movie Moments Mike and Sulley 2-Pack from the Cars "supercharged" line! I absoulutey love these cars...such a great set! 
One of the funniest and most creative scenes in Cars is during the end credits when the cars are at the Radiator Springs Drive-In Theater. There we see many of our favorite Pixar characters in car form such as Buzz, Woody, Hamm, PT Flea, Flik, the Circus Clowns, the Yeti, and, of course, Mike and Sulley!

The scene is hilarious because it pokes fun at how John Ratzenberger has had a cameo in every single Pixar film. The scene can be watched Here. Never gets old!

As of 2014, with the "Circus Cars" being released as Super Chases, Mattel has made every character from that scene...I'll be posting more soon, so stay tuned! 

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