Saturday, November 9, 2013

Cars 2: Ichigo

Here we have Ichigo! This is another 2013 "chase" edition car (which means it has had a very limited release) from Mattel's 1:55 diecast line. Ichigo can be seen in Cars 2 (Screen shot above) when Mater and Mcqueen arrive at the Tokyo party.

Ichigo is cool for a few reasons: 
1.) She completes my 2013 diecast collection-Bring on 2014!
2.) She is the last car I needed from the "Tuners" series.
3.) She completes the group of cars seen in the screen shot above! All 6 of those cars have now been released this year.

Trivia: She also appeared in the "Cars Toon" Tokyo Mater!
 "Ichigo" means strawberry in Japanese-hence the strawberries!
 Check back daily for more items from my Pixar collection! Starting soon, I will be showing many more cars and they will be making up the bulk of my posts. If you're a Cars fan, you'll like what's coming in the next couple months!


  1. By the way...nice touch on the fun fact of Ichigo meaning strawberry in Japanese! Didn't know that one!

  2. Thanks! Yah I saw that somewhere when I was looking around online for little facts about this one...I like to include some trivia when I can just for fun : )