Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Cars 2: Fabrizio

Following yesterday's post, here's another awesome surprise I didn't expect to find in the Halloween package from my parents...from Cars 2, Fabrizio! This is a chase diecast from Mattel that was released last year towards the end of the original Cars 2 line. He was one of only two cars I was never able to find in that collection so I'm super exited to finally have it! He was (and is) really hard to track down. A huge thanks to my parents for surprising me with this and for Brita who gave them the tip that I still needed this car.
 Fabrizio can be seen in Porto Corsa a few times (one of those appearances is in the screenshot above).
 Fabrizio is an awesome, unique car and much different than any other design I've seen released. He also has a really cool orange paint job which is my favorite color and was perfect for Halloween : )
 And yes he does have eyes under that visor even though it's hard to tell at first glance. 
Well there we have it! Fabrizio- #47 of the Cars 2 collection.

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