Monday, November 25, 2013

Toy Story: Pop-Up Book

When I was little, I LOVED pop-up books. What kid doesn't? Not gonna lie though...I still love pop-up books! When I was home this summer, I went through all my old books trying to find anything Pixar related. I was thrilled when I found this one, I had totally forgotten about it! As soon as I saw it I remembered it and it brought back a ton of memories as I looked through it again.

This is my original 1995 Toy Story pop-up book that I got when the movie first came out. As I looked through the pages, I was amazed to find out this book is still in great condition after all these years. Pop-up books are hard to keep nice (especially how little kids handle them) and I found only very minor tearing on maybe a page or two. 

This book is so awesome. Here's a page example of what you can expect if you go track this down:

This book takes you through the story of the film in ten pop-up pages. Some pages even have some interactive tabs to make characters move and such. Very cool!

You can find this book NEW currently on eBay for an insanely good price HERE. Hurry though! There's only seven days left for the listing. 

To buy this book NEW on Amazon would be about $100, so I would snag it on eBay if you have the chance. Amazon does have some USED ones for sale but those are very questionable as far as quality-especially for a pop-up book that's this old.

This is a great book for you Toy Story fans out there. I would definitely get this if you haven't already.

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