Monday, November 4, 2013

Cars 2: Kmart Exclusive Mail-Away R.S. John Lasetire and Muggsy Liftsome

 Today was an exciting day for a Pixar Cars fan as I received my free Mattel Radiator Springs (R.S.) John Lassetire and Muggsy Liftsome diecasts from Kmart! Currently, Kmart is doing a mail-away offer which is: Buy 5 regular Mattel (not deluxe and not movie moments) Pixar Cars diecasts at Kmart between October 19 and November 16, send in the back blister cards (yes, you have to open them for this promotion so that people don't just return the cars to the store) with the original receipt plus a small shipping fee and get these two exclusive cars in the mail for free! For more info on the offer, head HERE. Hurry though if you want to participate! The offer ends in only 11 days. 

Kmart did a similar promotion back in June of this year which was for a free Mattel Ivan deluxe diecast-Seen here.

Alrighty, lets get to checkin' out these cars!

 First off, we have Muggsy Liftsome. This is a real fun diecast that is different than any other car ever released. Muggsy appears in Cars 2 at the beginning of the film when Finn is spying on the lemons. He can be briefly seen delivering the camera weapon to Professor Z (screenshot above). Muggsy will go great with the Mattel Oil Rig Playset

Interestingly, this Muggsy Liftsome started showing up by accident during Kmart's free Ivan offer back in June. Some people actually got him instead of Ivan! 

  Next off we have the long anticipated (well, I speak for myself) Radiator Spings (Epilogue) John Lassetire! The reason I'm so excited for this car is that it's Director John Lasseter's cameo in the film as a car (hence the name). I thought this was very special car to display as it represents the heart and soul of Pixar Studios and the director of some of my favorite films. John Lassetire appears during the epilogue scene near the end of Cars 2 when all the racers gather for the "Radiator Springs World Prix" (seen in the screenshot below):

 John Lassetire also appears in Cars 2 with a different paint job as Jeff Gorvette's crew chief (the yellow one with the American flag). There was also a Kmart exclusive diecast of him released a few years ago. 

He has just one line in the movie: "Jeff, your tires..." and is voiced by John Lasseter himself. 

Also, for whatever reason, I noticed that even though Muggsy and Lassetir are both Deluxe cars in deluxe size packaging, Lassetire does not say "Deluxe" on the front or back of the package.

Another tidbit- John Lassetire's license plate reads "01 12 57" which is director John Lasseter's birthday.

Interesting fact: John Lassetire appeared on screen with more dialogue at the opening ceremony of Cars Land! Check it out below (he comes in at 25:24):
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