Friday, November 1, 2013

Slideshow/Event: Disney World 2011

If you know much about me, you know Disney Wold is one of my favorite places to be EVER. I have so many memories of being there almost every year ever since I was little so it's very magical, classic, and nostalgic when I go there as an adult. It makes me me like a little kid again every time I go.

In November 2011, I got to bring my (now wife, then girlfriend) Brita and we went with my entire immediate family. 

Thursday, the 16th, was the day Brita and I got engaged! I proposed to her on the beach at the Polynesian Resort as we were watching the "WISHES!" firework show go off across the lagoon at the Magic Kingdom. We had already planned on being married and she knew a proposal was coming soon but she didn't know it was gonna be that night! She was completely surprised. During the finale, I got on my knee in front of her on the sand and popped the question. Well, she said yes of course and now here we are. Such magical memories! 

Anyway, here is a slideshow from that trip where I focus mostly on the Pixar stuff there in the parks but also feature other pics of us enjoying our week.

Some interesting things about the slideshow:
At 1:02- If you don't know this, I'm a HUGE Star Wars fan! I have been ever since I was four and also have a gigantic Star Wars collection in addition to this Pixar one.

At 1:45- Me with the famous black mystery Vinylmation trading box that are found throughout the parks! This trip was my first time getting Vinylmation and it was such a fun part of the week trying to track down all the Toy Story ones. At the trading box, I got the Wheezy Vinylmation which is still the one part of my collection. I was so excited

At 2:37- The night we were engaged.

At 4:01- Me with the Monsters University logo being exited for it over year and a half before its release. Brave wasn't even released yet which seems a while ago now looking back.

For more slideshows of Pixar related times, check out the "Slideshows" label on the right!

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