Thursday, November 14, 2013

Monsters University: DMR Lithograph Set

Yesterday, I was excited to finally get my Disney Movie Rewards exclusive Monsters University Lithograph set! There are four 8" x 10" lithographs included featuring beautiful concept art from the film. For me, there couldn't have been a better selection of images here...not only are some of my favorite scenes and characters represented, but I just absolutely love the style and colors of each illustration.

This set is $9.95 plus $2.97 shipping and processing. It's available when you purchase the MU Blu-ray (And I'm assuming the DVD as well), but hurry! The offer ends January 31, 2014 or "while supplies lasts."  

And here they are...the colors are just outstanding and so vibrant! Wait till you see them in person. The paper used is very high quality and has a great shine/gloss to it. I'm looking forward to framing them and putting them on my Pixar shelf someday...Once I actually have my own Pixar themed study. 

Something I noticed when looking at this stinging glow urchin piece, is that it appears Brock's character design is in the background competing in the game! Was his character originally used for one of the fraternity members before being used for the Greek Council? Interesting. Also, if you look in the lower left corner, it appears to be a blue (rather than burgundy) Chet.  

Again, this is a great set and I couldn't recommend it enough if you are a Monsters University fan. If you're on the fence about getting these, I would say go for it!

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