Thursday, November 7, 2013

Monsters University: Rosie and Carla D23 Vinylmation 2-Pack

 Here is the last follow-up post to the Halloween care package from my parents...I was super excited to finally get the 2013 D23 exclusive Monsters University Vinylmation 2-pack!

This set is is a limited edition, only 1500 made, and includes Rosie Levin (from the HSS sorority) and Carla Delgado (from the EEK sorority). As usual with Vinylmations, these are top quality figures with fun and detailed designs. And of course, they go great with the with the original MU blind box series!

 The chalkboard style package really captures the college feel with all sorts of fun MU assignments due and monsters equations. 

My favorite thing about this set is now each fraternity and sorority from the film is represented by at least one Vinylmation figure (seen below)!

 The MU Vinylmation series isn't complete without this set so be sure to track one down on eBay if you haven't already! Luckily, they're not too rare or expensive and sell for about $30-$40, which I feel is very reasonable for a D23 exclusive set like this.


  1. I will definitely be added this to my watch list and try and get one for a low price...I knew I should have bought these earlier!!

  2. I would absolutely go for it! It's fun having a couple extra added to the main blind box MU collection. You may have not gotten this a few months ago but you were smart to focus more on getting the Convoy set. That's one I wish I had gone for. $100 seemed a bit much then but it's nothing compared to the $300-$500 price tag on Ebay now! Luckily this Carla and Rosie set is still pretty reasonable. : )