Monday, November 11, 2013

Cars 2: Siddeley the Spy Jet

Here is the Cars 2 Siddeley the Spy Transporter Jet vehicle from Mattel! This was released in 2011 with the original first wave of Cars 2 diecast cars. This thing was everywhere and I never imagined it would become hard to find. Surprisingly though, this actually has become pretty rare and sought after! It currently sells for about $150 on Amazon and not much cheaper on Ebay. Wow!
 Siddeley of course is not diescast but, like the other vehicle/playsets (Mac, Stephenson the Spy Train, Turboloft Jet, etc...), this character is plastic. Still, Siddeley is part of the 1:55 diecast line and is meant to be used with them.

This is a pretty neat toy with a very cool design and some fun features. It's well made/durable, has rolling wheels, a tow cable, a loading ramp, 2 (secret) missile launchers and can fit up to 3 cars inside for storage to to recreate the scene from the film.

This is definitely a must have to complete your Pixar Cars diecast collection...good luck on the hunt if you're still trying to track him down for a good price and keep checking Ebay often for additional listings!

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