Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Art: Mike Wazowski Snowmonster "Happy Holidays" Card

Not too long ago, a friend of mine/blog reader Tiffany W. had the amazing opportunity to go to Pixar Studios. While she was there, she was able to shop at the studio's store full of exclusive merchandise - only open to invitees and not open to the public.

To my surprise, Tiffany was kind and generous enough to pick me up a little souvenir for my collection! I was absolutely thrilled when she told me she got me an exclusive Christmas card and I anxiously anticipated its arrival.

This past week, to my excitement, it arrived! When I opened up the package, I first pulled out the included plain white envelope featuring Buzz Lightyear on the back and instantly recognized this as being something directly from Pixar. I then pulled out the card, having no idea what to expect, to find a hilarious illustration of Mike Wazowski leaning up against a snowma- I mean, snowmonster! On the the inside of the card it says "Happy Holidays" and on the back it includes Pixar's signature logo and street address.

This was an absolute perfect choice for me. Not only do I love Monsters Inc., but I also love the simplicity and design of the card; the festive Mike illustration is awesome and is one I had never seen before.

A huge thanks to Tiffany for being so thoughtful in sending me this! It will be a treasured piece of my collection for sure, as anything from the famous "studio store" is extremely hard to come by. Maybe someday I'll live out my dream and get to go to it myself! Here's to hoping.

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