Saturday, January 3, 2015

Finding Nemo: Vinylmation Jr.

In July of this past year, Disney Parks and the Disney Store released this adorable set of Finding Nemo Vinlmations. These are the "Jr." size (Jr. Series 11), so they stand at about 1.5" tall and include key chains atop their heads. They retailed for $9.95 each (which isn't much different from the standard 3" price).

I remember being taken by surprise when these came out, since I never even knew they were even coming until the day they were actually released. For Christmas, I was so excited to have received the full set of 12 from my parents! They do not disappoint, I was really impressed when I first opened the box and saw them in person - they have such cute designs and such vibrant colors! My wife Brita was even a little bit (jokingly) "jealous" and said that they were actually hers because of their "cuteness." I got them loose (it was a killer eBay deal), but you can check out what the packaging was like in this image HERE.

The characters in this lineup include:
Top left to right: Blenny (the "chaser"; in the film he was the little scared fish at the shark's "fish are friends, not food" meeting seen HERE), Darla, Squirt, Sheldon, Anglerfish and Dory.
Bottom left to right: Pearl, Seagull, Bruce, Nemo, Bloat and Marlin.

Here's an image of when I first opened the box on Christmas morning...such a surprise!

They have since sold out at the and Disney Parks, so your best bet to track them down if you're interested is eBay. Visit this direct link to purchase: Finding Nemo: Vinylmation Jr. Series 11

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