Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Incredibles: Mr. Incredible Talking Superhero

In the Fall of this past year, Disney/Pixar and Thinkway Toys released an amazing collection of Pixar products sold exclusively at Toys R Us. The line includes both new products and re-releases of old favorites which can still be easily found in stores.

Once of my favorite items from this line, especially given that my The Incredibles collection is quite slim, is this Mr. Incredible "Talking Superhero"! This is a 13 1/2" over-sized electronic action figure, great for play for young kids or for display for older collectors - or, like me, all of the above. He retails for $44.99.

This toy has over 25 phrases (dialogue taken directly from the film) and sound effects, which are activated by pressing the button on his chest. His body is made from a hard, durable plastic, while his head is a more soft, rubbery material to accomidate his "talking mouth action" (his mouth opens and stretches when the button is pressed, which I think is pretty awesome).

His likeness to the Mr. Incredible we know and love from the film is spot on. He comes in a great "hero-like" stance and also stands perfectly on his own when taken out of the box.

As far as his interactive action features go, his right arm springs downward with punching sounds effects when raised, his right leg springs downward with kicking sound effects when pulled back, and twisting him at the waste will also trigger some punching sounds.

I know I've said it before, but I love the look of the packaging, it feels so fresh and new with a very clean "Pixar-esque" simplistic design. It's also very exciting to have new products and re-releases for many of the older Pixar films such as Up, Wall·E, The Incredibles and others. You just don't see much out there from them!

I haven't taken this toy out of the box yet, but here is a very brief video I took of his talking/mouth moving feature with some of his "demo mode" phrases. I'll be excited to take him out of the box soon to see how his other features work and to hear all of the lines he speaks. I'll update this post when I do!

For all you The Incredibles fans out there, this is a must have. I absolutely recommend this toy! You can find it easily still at your local Toys R Us (or their website), on Amazon, or eBay using this direct link to current listings:  Mr. Incredible Talking Superhero

On a final note, a big thanks to my wife's Grandmother who was nice enough to get me this for Christmas! 

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