Saturday, January 10, 2015

Wall·E: Wind-Up "Wacky Action" Wall·E

Ever since I was little, waking up at Christmas morning at my house has been just so incredibly magical. My parents always go to infinity and beyond with everything they do for us! One of my favorite Christmas morning traditions is that there are usually a few fun toys out on the table that Santa leaves (usually something like a tin toy, blocks, puzzles, jack-in-the-box, etc...those types of things) to play with before the traditional breakfast and present opening.

This past Christmas, one of the toys out on the table for me was this super fun wind-up Wall·E with expandable puzzle track set (circled in the pic below)!

This toy was part of Thinkway Toys' original 2008 Wall·E collection, which had come out just in time to coincide with the film's release. It's recommended for ages 4+. 

The track pieces with this set can be assembled in many different combinations (four are shown on the back of the package, but there are more. I'm just showcasing one here). Once you design the track in the way you want, all you have to do is flip down the peg (found under Wall·E), wind him up, place him on the track and watch him take off! Flip up the peg to play with him on flat surfaces.

The track set when assembled measures approximately 10" X 6" and Wall·E himself is about 3" tall.

Unfortunately, since this was given to me loose on the table, the packaging ended up getting lost. If you're interested, here are images I found online of the FRONT and BACK of the box.

Additionally, here's a brief YouTube video I took of this wacky little Wall·E in action:


This is a really fun, simple little item that I would totally recommend snagging online if you're a Wall·E fan and/or collector. Visit this direct link to eBay to purchase: Wind-Up Wall·E

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