Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pixar Collection: Uno Card Game

Since its development in 1971, families have been enjoying Uno - a simple card game that adults and kids can enjoy alike. Since the game's initial release, over 130 different themed versions have been developed; everything from Care Bears to Batman to Scooby-Doo to Harry Potter! For the most part, if you name it, Uno probably has it. There have been a few Pixar themed sets released over the years as well: Toy Story, Toy Story 3, Ratatouille, Cars and Cars 2

In 2013, Cardinal Games released this fantastic "Disney·Pixar Collection" Uno, featuring characters from all the Pixar films (up to that point) from Toy Story through Brave in a tin collector's box! For Christmas, my parents totally surprised me with this and I was actually really excited, given that it was something I didn't have or know about.

This version of Uno is recommended for ages 5 and up, is for 2-10 players and has the same, classic game play that you know and love (just adds 112 custom Pixar themed cards). It retails for around $18.00.

You can find this set easily on Amazon below or other online game retailers. If you're an avid "eBayer", visit this direct link to current listings: Disney·Pixar Uno Card Game

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