Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The Incredibles: Snowglobe

Another outstanding Christmas gift from my parents, here we have the 2004 Disney Store authentic The Incredibles snowglobe! The design and colors of this thing is just, well, incredible. I was so impressed when I opened it up and saw it in person.

I love the fact that it's really two snowglobes in one, with the small one surrounding Violet actually doubling as her "force field." What a brilliant design element!

This snowglobe stand close to 7" high, includes glitter "snow" (when tipped or shaken) and a light-up logo. Unfortunately, there is no music with this one, but it's cool enough on its own that I don''t even miss it too much. Would have been cool to hear The Incredibles theme - music box style - though!

Take a closer 360° look below:

 Light up logo feature:

If you're an Incredibles fan (or a Pixar fan and/or collector in general), I can't recommend picking this up enough! Since this product is 10 years old and obviously not sold anywhere anymore, your best bet is picking it up on eBay (it's surprisingly usually not very expensive at all) using this direct link: Disney/Pixar The Incredibles Light-Up Snow Globe

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