Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Monsters Inc: The Art of Disney Exclusive Laser Cel Limited Edition Print

Here is a great Monsters Inc. limited edition 3D Laser Cel print that was sold exclusively at Downtown Disney at the Art of Disney store back in the late Spring / early Summer of last year.

This print is one of six 3D Pixar themed prints that were released in this particular collection. The others include images from Toy Story Toons: Hawaiian Vacation, Up, The Incredibles, Cars and Finding Nemo. I'm not sure how many pieces these "limited" prints were limited to (maybe 1000?), but few enough that they're almost impossible to track down at this point.

When we were there at the Art of Animation store at Downtown Disney during our WDW trip last May, my wife Brita noticed how much I loved these prints there... and secretly bought them all! Since then, she's been giving me them here and there for different holiday and occasions. For Christmas, she gave me this one as one, which was the last one I needed to complete this great collection. So awesome...A BIG thanks to her as always! 

 At the Art of Animation store, they retailed for $39.99 and are 8" X 10" in size.

It's hard to tell on here from the picture below, but what makes this print unique, is that Mike is "raised" (with the background behind him about 1 cm) for the really 3D cool effect.

Each print in this series is of the highest quality with vibrant colors - and this one is no exception. There is more info on the quality and materials used printed on the certificate of authenticity, seen below.

This collection of prints is just so cool in person. The pictures here honestly don't do this one justice. I just love the clear, glossy "window" looking into such a colorful, iconic, 3D Pixar image. It really pops! They will look great on my Pixar "man cave" wall (or bookshelf) someday.

Some of these have shown up on eBay, so you can check out the link below if you're interested in buying. However, they sell for about double (or more than double) the store's price.

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