Friday, January 9, 2015

Finding Nemo: Disney Store Squirt Plush

For a "back to school present", my thoughtful wife Brita surprised me with this utterly adorable Finding Nemo Squirt plush; exclusive to the Disney Store!

This little dude measures a little over a foot long and is incredibly soft. His likeness (and cuteness) compared to the character in the film is "so totally" spot on and I'm really thrilled to have this as part of my collection.

By the way, when he's held up like this, I couldn't help but notice that his limbs dangle in such in such a cute way... just had to take note of that!

And here is how Squirt was given to me... I walked into the room and there he was! I may have even gasped - this was such a fun idea! Props to Brita.

Squirt retails for $19.99 and is still currently in stock at Disney Stores and on their website HERE. If you're an eBay type of person, visit this direct link to purchase: Disney Store Squirt Plush

Note: I don't have my new light box photography studio out here with me at school, which is the reason for momentarily reverting back to taking pics around my apartment for this post (rather then them being taken with my white or black background). All of my Christmas present photos were taken with the light box before I left to come out here, so those will continue tomorrow.

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