Thursday, January 22, 2015

Monsters University: Scare Card Collection Binder

When Monsters University was released, I figure most fans of Disney·Pixar (or of the film in general) really wanted there to be real scare cards made available to consumers (I know I was one of them). Well, that wish kind of came true in a round about way (see my entire write-up on all the scare cards that have been "released" and everything you need to know about them HERE).

In short, there hasn't been a "wide", public release of scare cards. All of the ones that have been available have been as exclusives and are typically very hard to track down. Many fans still eagerly anticipate a wide release someday, but chances are starting to look slim now that we're years past when the film originally came out in theaters. It seems like then (or around the time of the home video release) would have been the perfect time. 

However (and surprisingly), despite not having released scare cards to the general public, the Disney Store did release an exclusive 3-ring binder a little while back for collectors who have been lucky enough to obtain the ones that are out there. This binder was available for a brief time and sold out very quickly.

Above is an example of a few of my scare cards in the binder (card sheet protectors had to be bought separately). I hope to fill it up more in the future as I try to track the others down! See my full write-up on the cards above HERE.  

I missed this when it was still available at the Disney Store, but was lucky enough to snag it on eBay recently for about $30. It was the last one available, but If you're interested in getting this for your collection, be sure to watch eBay constantly as new listings may pop up soon! 

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