Monday, January 5, 2015

Cars 2: Henri Motisse

Wrapping up some of the last Mattel 1:55 scale Pixar cars from this past year, here's another fantastic new addition to my collection...Henri Motisse! He was just recently released and is #7/7 of the 2014 "Paris Tour" sub-series.

Henri is very briefly seen in Cars 2 (in fact, just half of him; screen shot above) during the, what I call, the "arrival to Paris" montage. He is a French street painter who paints a very flattering portrait of characters Geartrude and Lubewig (who were both also released last year - see their posts HERE and HERE respectively). Henri's name is based off of the real life French painter Henri Matisse, who lived during the late 18th/early 19th century.

I was really looking forward to this release all year and was so happy to find him at Target a few days back. I just love his design (gotta love his paintbrush and "concentrating" facial expression) and the fact that Mattel included his portrait and easel as an accessory! That was just brilliant to me; it will make for a great "movie moment" display when I open all three characters. 

If you're still trying to track this one down for your collection and would rather just purchase him online, you can pick Henri Motisse up on Amazon or eBay using this direct link: Cars 2: Henri Motisse

Thanks for stopping by! I really hope that you continue to enjoy reading about my Pixar collection and that I can help in any way possible with yours. Come back soon!

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