Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Finding Nemo: Hallmark Flameless Candle

As mentioned in a few of my previous posts, within the last couple months, Hallmark stores released a brand new exclusive line of Disney/Pixar decorative products. I had heard about this through through the grapevine and, when I arrived at that section of the store, I was surprised by how many great items there actually were. No shame to say I wanted them all!

One of the many awesome items there that I couldn't resist was this unique Finding Nemo LED flameless candle. If you've seen these types of candles before, it's amazing how real they look when turned on. With the flip of a switch (located on the bottom), a realistic flickering light can be seen through the waxy, candle-like material. That, combined with the adorable minimal scene on the front featuring Nemo amongst the ocean seaweed and jellyfish, made this a must have!

The orange plastic/cardboard packaging piece on the top easily slides off. The inside is "carved out" semi-deep and even includes a fake "wick" as well. This retails for $19.95, is about 6" H x 3" Wand is powered by 3 AA batteries.

This will look fantastic displayed on a shelf with other Finding Nemo products as well as, and this is what I'm thinking we'll do, in a Nemo themed kids bathroom someday! It's just great that with these flameless candles, you get the cozy ambiance of a real candle while being 100% kid friendly and safe.

This is a must have for any Finding Nemo fan, especially fans with any kind of Nemo themed kids room that they're looking to add some decor to. Fortunately, this candle (as well as the rest of the new Pixar Hallmark product line) can now found online on their site HERE. Hurry though! Once these are gone, I have a feeling they'll get really hard to track down.

Additionally, a big thanks to my wife Brita who got me this for Christmas! She outdid herself as usual and I'm super thankful for all she does for me...

...and thanks to you for visiting my blog! Feel free to contact me with any comments or questions you may have and be sure come back daily for more from my Pixar collection.

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