Thursday, January 8, 2015

Up: Cuddle 'N' Talk Dug

In September of this past year, Disney/Pixar and Thinkway Toys released an amazing collection of Pixar products sold exclusively at Toys R Us. The line includes both new products and re-releases of old favorites which can still be easily found in stores.

Here we have one of my personal favorite items released in this fresh new line...the Up Cuddle 'N' Talk Dug plush! This quality toy is about 13" tall, is made entirely of an incredibly soft and cuddly material, retails for $44.99 and is recommended for ages 4 and up (although I'd say it's fine for kids even younger than that).

When you press is left paw, Dug speaks several phrases and sound effects from the film including:
  • "I can smell you!"
  • "My name is Dug. I have just met you and I love you." 
  • "You are my master!? Oh boy, oh boy!"
  • "Oh, I can bark." *barking sound effects follows*
  • "And here's howling." *howling sound effects follows* 
  • "Have you seen a bird? I want to find one, and I've been on his scent."
  • "A ball! Oh boy, oh boy...a ball!" 
Yes, it's surprising that this plush doesn't say "Squirrel!", which I've seen is the biggest complaint about this toy. That doesn't bother me too much, but it was an interesting choice for sure for them to leave that line out of the plush (given that it's the most famous). Unlike the Cuddle 'N' Tall Nemo (also from this line, check out my review of that HERE), this plush has no moving parts that could break.

This Dug has one of the greatest likenesses I've seen in a plush. A lot of the time, the likeness is pretty "off" with these types of toys, but this design is pretty spot on (and gotta love his adorable dangly tongue). He also stands perfectly on his own when out of the package, which makes him great for display.

I've said it before, but I love the look of the packaging, it feels so fresh and new with a very clean and simplistic design. It's also very exciting to have new products and re-releases for many of the older Pixar films such as Up, Wall·E, The Incredibles and others. You just don't see much out there from them!

See my very brief YouTube video below to see him in action (Note: I forgot to turn it on from "demo mode" so I only captured about five phrases in the video. I would have taken another one, but I left this toy at my parents' home while I finish up college):


You can pick this up at Toys R Us, buy it on Amazon or eBay using this direct link: Cuddle 'N' Talk Dug

A big thanks and shout out to my generous parents in-law who got me this for Christmas!

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