Friday, January 16, 2015

Finding Nemo: Coral Reef Snowglobe

In 2006-2007, the Disney Store released this fantastically detailed Finding Nemo musical snowglobe featuring some of your favorite characters from the film!

Out of all the Disney/Pixar snowglobes out there (and there are hundreds), very few really stand out to me as spectacular or "must haves" for my collection. As soon as I saw this one however, I knew it was one of them. For this past Christmas, my wife got me this much requested snowglobe (as well as the other great Finding Nemo "Tank Gang" aquarium one) with the box and all. While the box does has some wear/stains from over the past nine years, the snowglobe itself is in perfect condition. A huge thanks to Brita, as usual, for this awesome gift!

Now, lets take a look at this beauty outside the box...

This snowglobe, to me, is a representation of the final scene in the film (when Squirt joins Nemo and the rest of Mr. Ray's little school group, with Marlin and Dory watching as they swim off into the distance - *chills*). When wound up (winding key on the bottom), it plays the adorable song "Over the Waves." Again, like the "Tank Gang" snowglobe, it was an interesting choice not to include Thomas Newman's beautiful theme he created for Nemo for the music here, but "Over the Waves" has a really pretty melody as well. In addition, there is also a blower on the inside of the globe that keeps the glitter continuously circulating when turned on! That is a fantastic feature and it really adds to the magic of this globe - it gives the effect of the waves passing them as they swim under the water.

This snowglobe stands at about 9 1/2 " high, requires two 2 x AA batteries for the blower to work and originally retailed for $88.00. Dory and Marlin on the side of the base are on little springs, which give them a little bobble motion when touched. I thought that was a nice detail. The globe itself is glass, with the base and characters being a hand-painted, sculpted resin material.

Check out the very brief video I took below to see and hear it in action (unfortunately being so rushed taking pictures and videos of this at Christmas time, I forgot to turn on the blower. See an accurate video with the blower HERE if interested):

 Pixar/Finding Nemo fans: I really can't recommend this enough! It's really an high quality, vibrant, detailed product; really amazing.  If you're interested in tracking this one down for your collection, your best bet is finding it on eBay (it has become pretty rare and sought after, however). Visit this direct link here to the current listings and best of luck on the hunt: Finding Nemo Coral Reef Snowglobe

Bonus- Dan the Pixar Fan Behind the Scenes:   

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