Monday, January 26, 2015

Cars 2: Jonathan Shiftko

One of the last Mattel Disney·Pixar Cars 2 releases from last year, here we have the brand new Jonathan Shifko! He is a 1:55 scale diecast and is #9/9 of the 2014 "Allinol Bowlout" sub-series. This is his very first release.

As shown in the screenshot above, Jonathan can be seen getting angry at Allinol after the "blowouts" begin to happen during the Porto Corso, Italy WGP race. He's on screen for no more than three seconds, so you gotta pay close attention!

This character wasn't released too long ago, so chances are you can still find him in stores. I was lucky enough to find him at Target a few weeks ago. If you're having trouble tracking this one down though, you can pick him up online on Amazon or eBay using this direct link: Cars 2: Jonathan Shiftko

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