Thursday, October 24, 2013

Toy Story: Slinky (Regular and Talking Versions)

For today's blog post, I'm featuring the two versions of Slinky Dog I have from Toy Story! This first version is the basic/original Slinky that was a Toy Story 3 re-release of the original 1995 version. In order to make this more movie accurate (I did it when I was five years old and I did it again when I got this release), I cut off the pull rope on the front of his face and cut the line/rope inside his springs that prevented him from extending further than a foot. I'm sure I'm not the only one who did this, right? 

This Slinky is pretty much as good as it gets, especially since this is really the only non-electronic Toy Story branded one. It's good though and pretty movie accurate! There was never a "Toy Story Collection" definitive version  released.

This Slinky below, is the new electronic talking version released by the Disney Store last year and includes a number of different phrases. As far as the look, it's exactly the same mold and plastic as the one above. The only difference is the electronics: There is an on/off switch right under his collar and the button for sounds is on his back.

For whatever reason, I haven't gotten around to cutting the ropes off this one yet...but I will! 

 And here's a brief video demonstrating the talking feature:

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