Monday, October 14, 2013

Toy Story 3: TSC Mr. Pricklepants

Today I present the Toy Story 3 Mr. Pricklepants plush replica from Wave 3 of the Toy Story Collection (TSC)!

 Who doesn't love Mr. Pricklepants? His story telling skills and classic over the top thespian personality, despite little screen time, brought so much humor to the Toy Story franchise. I look forward to seeing more of him this Wednesday as one of the main stars in the Toy Story of Terror Halloween special!

Pricklepants here is one of three Bonnie's toys released in the Toy Story Collection line (following Buttercup and Dolly-if only we could get an official Trixie, we'd have the whole gang!). The first thing that may stand out to you is the fantastic packaging design that Thinkway created. Of course, we don't see his packaging in the film, but this is what the creators imagined the box to this toy would have looked liked when originally purchased by Bonnie. Take a look at more pics of the package below...lots of details! I especially love the front window with the opening curtains:

Pricklepants, as with all the Toy Story Collection replicas, comes with a certificate of authenticity and sells for about $30. He was released in late 2011/early 2012 but was re-released at Toys R Us just recently. So if you missed him at first, now is your chance to get him again! I would definitely encourage making a store run to track him down-you won't be disappointed.   

The plush himself is perfectly movie accurate and is far superior in make and quality (In my opinion, but many might not see a huge difference) to the Disney Store plush version of him released-seen below (image from Google):

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