Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hawaiian Vacation: Disney Store Figure Set

Aloha! In 2011, Pixar released their very first "Toy Story Toons" short, Hawaiian Vacation, in front of Cars 2 in theaters. Of course, I loved the short and hoped Disney would release some kind of merch to go along with it! The Disney Store, Thinkway Toys and Mattel did actually ended making a good amount of products for the film from action figures to full size Toy Story characters in their Hawaiian outfits.  Here is my personal favorite of the bunch, the Disney Store exclusive Deluxe Figurine Set!

This is an extremely fun gift pack that captures the fun of the film and represents almost all the main characters decked out in their Hawaiian gear. The set includes: 
 Luau dinner Hamm on a platter carried by to aliens, exotic Hawaiian state bird Rex, state fish Prickle Pants (the Humuhumunukunuku─üpua╩╗a, and yes that's correct spelling : ), bell hop Slinky, fire dancer Buzz, and Hawaiian outfit Woody and Jessie. 

The only ones I wish they'd put in here that would have been neat to have included are a Pineapple Mr. Potato Head, Tour Guide Mrs. Potato Head, Ken and Barbie and a Hula Skirt Dolly...but I love this set nonetheless! It's still easy to get and sells for about $20 or less on Ebay. Get it while it's still around! 

 It's always a blast to get merch from the Pixar short films, as it doesn't happen as often as I'd like. That's why I can't recommend this enough! I really hope that the Disney Store releases a similar figure set for Toy Story of Terror (or any toys or products for that matter). How cool would that be?

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