Monday, October 7, 2013

Toy Story 3: Twitch

Here is the 12" Thinkway Twitch from Toy Story 3! He's just about 100% accurate in movie scale and detailing, to me. He's got the right plastic, colors, wings and even a "chomping" action when you press down his head.

The only thing this Twitch needs is his staff (I know some people have even made custom ones to go along with this guy)...besides that it's like he jumped out of the film! Thinkway did a great job on this one considering it's not an official "Toy Story Signature Collection" replica. He goes great with the Thinkway Lotso, Sparks and Chunk. The only one we're missing to complete Lotso's Sunnyside crew is a movie scale Stretch the octopus! 

And here is a brief video showing the action! Fun stuff. 

This Twitch, like the Sparks and Chunk, has unfortunately gotten pretty rare and hard to track down for less than $80. If you're still looking for him, check Ebay periodically to see if you can try to snag it...good luck on the hunt!

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