Sunday, October 20, 2013

Toy Story 3: TSC Lotso

 Here is the official Toy Story Collection (TSC) Lots-O-Huggin' Bear replica from Thinkway Toys! The Disney Store and Disney Parks have released numerous Lotso plush toys over the last few years, but this is by far the most movie accurate version out there-complete with the strawberry scent.

This Lotso though, unlike in the movie, talks when you "hug" him, has over 45 phrases and has an interactive mode (electronic features can be turned off if you'd like to use him as just a plush). See all the features on the back of the box below!

Here's a cool bit of Lotso trivia! In a viral marketing campaign in 2010, Pixar posted a YouTube video of a commercial for a "real" Lotso teddy bear manufactured in 1983. It looks just like a 1980's toy commercial and it's so amazing how they were able to recreate the era like that! The commercial features this Toy Story Collection Lotso and can be seen below: 

 Lotso has been recently re-released and can now easily be found at Toys R Us stores or online HERE for $49.99. Get it while you still can!

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