Thursday, October 17, 2013

Toy Story: TSC Buzz Lightyear

Since 1995, I would be confidant to say that there has probably been more full scale versions of Buzz Lightyear released than any other character from the Toy Story films...

"Interstellar Buzz Lightyear" (all clear/see through version), "Intergalactic Buzz Lightear" (all silver/chrome version), "Rescue Gear Buzz Lightyear" (all grey version), "Power Up Buzz Lighteyear" (light up version) "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" (style from the TV series version), "Power Boost Buzz Lightyear" (a clear, all green version), "Stars and Stripes Buzz Lightyear" (patriotic red, white and blue version), "Power Blaster Buzz Lightyear" (equip with a giant blaster and shield), "Blast off Buzz Lightyear" (with rocket SFX), "Karate Action Buzz Lightyear" (with karate chop action), "Hawaiian Vacation Buzz Lightyear", "Interactive Buddy Buzz Lightyear" (2-pack with Woody in which they interact with each other), and "Spanish Speaking Buzz Lightyear" (with Spanish voice, sounds and appearance)...
Then there's of course the more film inspired versions including: the original 1995 film inspired Buzz Lightyear, the latest/most current  Disney Store Talking 12" Buzz Lightyear Action Figure and the 2 "Toy Story Signature Collection Buzz Lightyear" versions (the regular, shown here as part of my collection and the utility belt variation which I don't have). 

Phew! 17 listed right there and I'm sure I didn't even to all of them!  If you know of any I missed, let me know in an email or in the comments below.

Anyway, let's get to what this post is all about...My Toy Story Collection Buzz Lightyear! This was only the second Buzz I've ever owned (after the original 1995 version).
This is such an awesome replica and it's SO close to be the definitive version! Unfortunately, even though this is advertised as being THE Buzz from movie, there are still just a couple key features missing here (which I'll talk about more later). Nonetheless, this is the Buzz you need and is the most accurate to date.

First off, let's start with the package. This is the only Buzz out there that comes in a box that is movie inspired. The box is almost an exact replica, from the cardboard wings (which come inside the box, you need to attach them yourself) to the classic image and quote of cartoon Buzz on the back! Make sure if you open your Buzz, do it carefully from the bottom. You'll want to be sure to save this box to add to your collection.

 Movie accurate details included
  • Glows in the dark
  • Wings pop out with flashing lights on the tips
  • Key phrases from the film activated by pressing buttons on chest
  • Flashing laser and correct sound effects 
  •  Wrist communicator opens
Movie details not included:
  • No Karate chop action 
  • Facial expression a bit different 
  • Helmet does not "swoosh" back with the press of a button and does not open all the way

Thanks to Thinkway, this Buzz is now available again in stores after its re release a couple months ago. It retails for about $65 and is easy to find at Toys R Us or Amazon. Get it while you have the may be gone again soon and become hard to find.

The Buzz is worth every cent of the higher price tag as it's a fantastic quality and very durable. It's extremely detailed and comes with a certificate of authenticity-assuring you that you have the most film inspired/accurate Buzz on the market. I can't recommend it enough!

As mentioned earlier, there is another version of this same Toy Story Collection Buzz that I don't have and it was available in wave 2. It's exactly the same Buzz only this time, with his "New Utility Belt" as seen in Toy Story 2. Other than the light up belt with sounds and the "New Utility Belt" sticker on the front of the package, everything else stayed the same. I didn't get it because it was hard to spend that $65 on something I pretty much already it sells for about $300!

The next best, most movie accurate Buzz out there right now (in my opinion) is the current one from the Disney Store. This one is only $25 and is a great alternative to the Toy Story Collection one. In fact, it might even be worth getting both like I did! It's worth it as this one has the long awaited "karate chop action!" It also glows in the dark, has the voice simulator, opening wrist communicator, firing laser and pop out wings with light up tips. It even has a helmet "swoosh" action by pressing the button on the side (even though it still doesn't go all the way back-still stops half way).

This Disney Store one pretty much has all of what the Toy Story Collection version has and more, so it might be worth picking up even if you already have the TSC one. The main difference between the 2 is the quality. The Disney Store version is, again, only $25 so you know it will be made a little cheaper (I do hear it breaks easily if you're not careful as opposed to the TSC one which is much more durable).   

On a final note, I have to pay respects to the very first, original 1995 version of Buzz. This was the very first Toy Story toy I got when I was five years old. Unfortunately, he's the only one of my originals that eventually broke so, sadly, I don't have him anymore to show here on the blog. AH! He's been replaced! My poor original Buzz must be heartbroken ; ) Anyway here is an image I found on Google of what the original Buzz looked liked-package and all: 

This Buzz did not have karate chop action, a swooshing helmet, an opening wrist communicator OR movie accurate size/light up wings (as seen in the picture, they were actually quite small and stubby). As you can tell, this Buzz was missing a lot of features from the film (and I even recognized that as a little kid) but I still loved him.

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