Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Toy Story 3: TSC Buttercup

Here is the official Toy Story Collection (TSC) Buttercup replica from wave 3! This is THE Buttercup to get if you haven't already. Thinkway did a fantastic job on this one...getting a plush like this to be totally movie accurate isn't as simple as one might think. 

This is basically one of three Buttercup plush released-the other being the Disney Store and Disney on Ice versions which I'll compare below. 

To me, this is the best Buttercup out there and the most well made of the three-but maybe I'm just biased towards the "Toy Story Collection." It's bigger than the Disney Store one and is for sure better quality. One difference that makes this one more movie accurate (than the ones below), besides the material used and the more accurate size, is the plastic, rather than sown, eyes. 

 Below (image from the Pixar Planet boards and is not my own) are the additional Buttercup plush out there. On the left is the basic Disney Store version and on the right is the glittery Disney on Ice version. Now, I hadn't heard of the Disney on Ice version until I started researching for this post and it's actually not that bad. It may be just a tad too glittery (the feet and horn) for me but I can't tell from the official Pixar rendering of the character if that's actually how it should be.
Image from Pixar Planet

At this point, if you can track any of these three down for your collection that would be great because this character has become really rare. I couldn't even find the TSC one on Ebay or Amazon-my two main sources. I did see the Disney Store one on Amazon for about $30 but that's the only one I've seen.

What are your thoughts? What is the version of Buttercup that you prefer?

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