Friday, October 25, 2013

Monsters Inc: Sulley Revoltech Figure

Here we have the Monsters Inc. Sulley and Boo Revoltech collectible figures! As always with this collection, the figures are very articulated, highly detailed and are not toys. These can break easily if you're not careful and are meant to be displayed by adult collectors. 

 I feel like the main thing that make these figures so fun is how posable they are. I barely even touched all the possible poses you can achieve...even down to adjusting the positions of his eyeballs (seen below)!  

 See, if you wanted to, you can make Sulley look all derp and crazy eyed! 

Sulley comes with two interchangeable faces... One with his normal face and smile and the one above with a big, playful grin. 

Boo has a removable hood and her head can move from side to side but isn't very posable beyond that. Great likeness though!

I've yet to be disappointed in this collection! The only thing I would say about this one is that he's a bit smaller than I expected. He's even shorter than Mr. Incredible, but that's fine. Another great figure from Revoltech.

If you missed the previous Revoltech posts, you can check out Mr. Incredible HERE and the Nemo one HERE. Look for the Lightning Mcqueen post very soon and thanks for stopping by Dan the Pixar Fan!

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