Sunday, October 13, 2013

Toy Story 2: Wheezy Plush

Here is the Toy Story plush Wheezy sold exclusively at the Disney Parks! Wheezy is one of those characters that I'm really surprised hasn't seen an official replica release. He would be just about the simplest toy to make! Here's hoping Disney, Thinkway or Mattel makes him soon. 

SO, in order to have Wheezy represented in my Toy Story collection for the time being, I went for the next best thing which is this plush. It's a little big compared to his actual film size and, of course, this one is a plush/soft toy instead of a rubber toy, but hey! I like it...and he does squeak which matters most! See the video below:

If you have watched the Toy Story 2 2005 DVD release introduction by John Lasseter, you will notice that he has with him, a very movie accurate, to size, rubber Wheezy squeak toy. Like many of you probably wondered...where did that come from and how do I get it?! Unfortunately, that Wheezy is extremely difficult to track down and is one of the top three hardest to find Toy Story toys. 

From what I could find in my research, that Wheezy was available only for a brief time at the Disney Store overseas in 1999 (limited to the European and Japan markets). Apparently, again from what I've heard, it was also available at select shows of Toy Story 2 "On Ice" (again, over seas). A picture can be seen below *image found on Google*:

Here is one lucky YouTuber that has the Wheezy and his original 1999 packaging. See it in action in this video from user "Josh Cali".
Which Wheezy do you have? Comment below if you have the plush or one you're one of the lucky few that have the Toy Story 2 on ice version! I'm interested to know.

If you would like the plush version, it's easy to find on eBay and the Disney Parks. Online it sells for only about $15-$20.

If you're looking for the Disney Store/On Ice version, that will be much more difficult and much more expensive. There is one currently on eBay with a starting bid of $100 and is not even in good condition (has lots of scrapes and scuff marks).

Good luck on the hunt! I'll continue to believe that we'll eventually get a Wheezy that isn't a 1999 souvenir from an on ice show...and you'll be the first to know when I know.   

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