Sunday, October 27, 2013

Toy Story: TSC Mr. Potato Head

Here is Mr. Potato Head from wave two of the Toy Story Collection (TSC) by Thinkway Toys! This is a fantastic replica/toy. Despite the fact that this Potato Head has some big differences from the one in the film, it's still a great addition to your Toy Story collection if you have the chance to get him. 

 As far as the look of the face and parts, this is by far the most movie accurate Potato Head out there. Unfortunately, the only lips/mouth he comes with is more based off when he is "alive" and talking. There are not closed mouth lips based off when he's "just a toy" in the films. 
Other main differences between this version and the movie version:
  •  This Potato head has legs for some reason instead of his feet just being attached underneath. That's the only part I was a little bit disappointed in as it looks a little awkward (and interestingly enough, the original press release image had his feet closer to his body as seen here).
  • He's electronic, voice activated and speaks phrases. 
  • Because he's electronic, he does not have a storage compartment or any other extra accessories except for the first ever "angry eyes" and angry mouth (which are awesome).  
  • His eyes are one piece instead of both separate.

 A fun feature is the pop off parts. When you make a loud noise on interactive mode, he'll get scared and his parts will fly off.

Overall, I recommend this Potato Head even though it has animated talking features and isn't 100% movie accurate. He's far superior to most of the  other Toy Story versions of the character out there. If you missed this post from a while back, here is my original Potato Head from 1995. That one is by far the best non-electronic version out there in my opinion...even better than the most recent ones.

And here's a little video so you can see how this guy works:

This Potato head has become pretty rare to track down online and I can't remember if this was one of the ones that got a re-release at Toy R Us stores. Check yours to see if he's there! I think he retailed for about $45.

There we have it! The Toy Story Collection Mr. Potato head, made right form Pixar's digital data and complete with certificate of authenticity.

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