Monday, October 21, 2013

Cars 2: Takeshi (Super Chase)

Back in August while I was visiting my home in CT for a few weeks, I just happened to stumble upon this Mattel "Super Chase" (meaning VERY limited quantities were made- I think just one in the case that this car was available in) car, Takeshi!

When I first arrived at the Cars section, there was nothing new or exiting...the same old ones that are always there. I walked around the toy section for a few minutes (which was unusual as I usually leave right after taking a peek at what's there) and walked past the cars again on my way out not expecting anything. Low and and behold, while I was away for those brief two minutes, someone had restocked the shelf with the latest and greatest cars...including this Super Chase Takeshi!

Takeshi appeared in Cars 2 while Mater and Mcqueen watched what seems to be the Japanese version of the TV show "Wipeout"-with cars of course (screen shot above). 

As you can see from the back of the package above, there are two other Super Chase cars available and are from the same scene as Takshi. Unfortunately, I still haven't had luck with Yukio but I'm still on the lookout every time I go to the store! If YOU have found any of these Super Chases, comment below! I like to hear you collecting success stories. 

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