Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Toy Story 3: Chunk

Chunk's "not the sharpest knife in where you keep the knives" but he sure makes a cool toy... Here we have the official Thinkway full size Chunk! He's not part of the"Toy Story Collection" line, but he's movie scale and is not too far off from the actual character. He's not electronic, but does feature his signature spinning good mood face to bad mood face (see video below)!

This was available at toy stores and the Disney Store back in 2010 and stuck around for quite a while. I was actually surprised (yet again) to find out this is completely unavailable anywhere to purchase right now. I guess he's become a pretty rare item which I wasn't even aware of. I thought he could still be easily found on Ebay and such. If you are able to find this, definitely pick it up!

 Especially if you're trying to complete your Toy Story collection with all the movie sized toys...this is a must have! Stay tuned for the other two henchmen released by Thinkway...Twitch and Sparks!

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