Friday, October 4, 2013

Toy Story/Luxo Jr: Ball (Disney Store)

 I remember all growing up wondering "when are they ever gonna release the classic ball from Toy Story??" Well, in summer 2010 I got my wish when the Disney Store released their full sized version of the ball! I was so excited when I walked in the store that day and saw this, having no idea it was even out. Needless to say, I snatched that right up.

Yes, the texture is not the same as in the movie. It has more of a kickball texture and feel to it rather than the smooth, shiny surface like in the movie. Oh Well! I'm just glad I have it in some way after all those years of waiting.

 Pixar does have their own version of this ball that sells directly at the studio as well. That one is more movie accurate as far as the texture goes but is extremely rare and hard to track down for less than $100 (which is a shame since they're just a few bucks at the studio store). To those reading this who have the official Pixar Studios one, lucky you! For those who are looking to buy either of these and are willing to spend a pretty penny, they pop up on eBay every so often. You can check what's available using the link below:
Pixar Luxo Jr. Ball  

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  1. Hilarious - I hope no one buys that one from eBay - they sell them for $5 in the studio store! :) Crazy! We have both the Disney Store and Pixar Studio Store versions! :)

  2. Of course you have the official Pixar ball from the studio! No surprise there : ) I'll never probably be able to get it as I'll probably never be invited there to Pixar and I'm definitely not paying 100 bucks on Ebay but if anyone ever goes and is able to pick one up for me, that would be awesome!

  3. I seriously want a star ball. SO BADLY!!! I don't even care if it looks like the one you have! I can't find that one anywhere! :( Was yours special edition?

  4. Hi Rachael! Thanks for finding/reading my blog! : ) I was so exited when this came to the Disney Store back a few years ago so I understand! It wasn't special edition but since it was available back in 2011, it has since sold out. I tried looking for it online for you but couldn't find it either. Sorry! I hope you find it soon : )