Thursday, October 3, 2013

Pixar Collection: Disney Parks Pixar Characters Squeeze Toy Set

Here is a pretty neat collection of rubber bath toys exclusive to Disney Parks—featuring five of your favorite Pixar characters! Though nowhere on the package does it say that these are specifically for the bath or water (in fact there's no description at all, other than character names), I'm calling them that because, come on, that's totally what they are.

UPDATE: Ok, according the official description on the ShopDisney site, this is described as a "squeeze toy" set and is noted that these are actually NOT for use in the bath or "any other water related activity." I have no idea why that would be the case though, so I would just ignore that if you're still into the idea that these are bath toys. There's literally no reason why they wouldn't work as such.

This set includes:

Buzz Lightyear

Nemo & Mr. Incredible


 And Woody

This is a pretty straightforward set, but with really fun stylized designs and a cool looking zip-up package. The figures themselves are about 5" high. It's easy to find still, either at the parks or online, and retails for $18.99. If you've seen this, and have considered getting it, I would say definitely go for it! Whether you have a kid that will play with these in/out of the bath, or you're an adult collector getting these for display—if you're a Pixar fan, these just might be for YOU!

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