Friday, September 20, 2013

Toy Story: Pop-Open Playworld

Yet another item in the Toy Story Buddy Pack collection, here we have the fantastic "Pop-Open Playworld" playset (or should I say three playsets in one) from Mattel! 

As seen below, it starts off as a relatively small storage case designed to look like Andy's toy trunk from the film.

Pop open the case to reveal the three main location from the original Toy Story: Andy's room, Pizza Planet and Sid's room playsets! It's a really fun design and crazy how they were able to make all of it fit in there. The playset turns out to be pretty big...bigger than I expected.

The playset includes two buddy figures (Buzz Lightyear and an exclusive Scud), a road hazard stand, "The Big One" rocket (which you can attach to Buzz), Andy's Mom's van (folds down flat for easy storage), and rocket launcher (pull back to release the rocket and launch it into the van). Any other buddy figures I show with the playset are sold separately.

The first section of the playset is Andy's Room! It includes lots of little movie details, the flying plane which you can attach Buzz to, a pivoting lamp (to knock Buzz out the window) and part the orange Hot Wheels stunt ramp. 

Next in line is Pizza Planet! It includes features like a working crane/claw, the iconic crane game that Buzz and Woody sneak into (with fold out ramp to escape), the Pizza Planet Robot guards, the alien soda machines and the sign that displays "Rocket Ship Crane Game: Ready to Launch." 

And the last portion of the playset is the one and only Sid's room! Again, lots of fun little movie details to find here.
"Create a Mutant Toy" by flipping around these images on Sid's desk! Mix and match to create your own mutants.

Who's inside Sid's toolbox? "Wind the Frog!" 

 Lift flap to reveal the classic baby face mutant! 

It even includes Sid's crate to trap the toys under.

This is SUCH a fun, good quality playset that really captures the magic of Toy Story and a great way to display your Buddy Pack figures! This is a few years old and not usually found at stores anymore (in my case though my Toys R Us still has this as I guess it never's been there for a long time). You can find it new on Amazon for $70 currently, eBay new for over $100 and eBay loose for under $50. If you love playsets like me, definitely go track this one down! It's a must have for any Toy Story fan or Buddy pack collector. 

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