Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Incredibles: 2004 Disney Store Figurine Set

Here is my Disney Store Exclusive The Incredibles figurine set from 2004! It's a great little gift-pack if you're looking to snag all the main characters all together. It's kind of rare but you can also find it once in a while on eBay for a great price.

This set includes nine PVC figures that stand about 2"-3" tall: Mr. Incredible, Frozone, Edna Mode, Mrs. Incredible, Jack Jack, Syndrome, Violet, Prologue Mr. Incredible and Dash.  

And, like the Ratatouille toys, I didn't get many when The Incredibles came out. Here are some cool figures I don't have but would love to get (images from Google and are not my own):

First, the Disney Store released an awesome set of action figures when the film came out.

Love how Violet comes with an invisible version of herself!

Next is Hasbro's collection of The Incredibles action figures and vehicles. Which collection do you prefer? Disney Store or Hasbro? Love the Incredobile! 

 Ha! Love this one...

 Here on the back of Syndrome's package, you can see the full collection:

Hasbro also released three figure packs similar to the Disney Store one I have. One of them (seen below) features awesome set of villains! It's super rare's hard to even find a picture of!

And there is a third pack in this figure pack collection with the main heroes in their "civilian" clothes. I've seen it many times before but I couldn't find a picture this time!

 Anyone else have some cool The Incredibles toys or collectibles? Let me know in the comments.

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