Saturday, August 17, 2013

Toy Story 3: "The Monkey" (Vintage Musical Jolly Chimp)

Yesterday, I had the amazing opportunity to get the vintage "Musical Jolly Chimp" that inspired the monkey from Toy Story 3! This past week I was in New Hampshire for a family vacation and yesterday, I drove with some of my siblings to a local Salvation Army to get old clothes for a "murder mystery" party we were having. As I was looking around, I saw it. I saw the iconic Toy Story 3 monkey from across the entire store on a shelf. I speedily headed over to check it out and low and behold... it was what I thought it was! 

Now the only potential problem was the price. How much was this guy? It had the original box and everything. It had to expensive. Well, turns out it was only $14! This typically sells between $100-$200, so this was a real steal. What a cool visit to a thrift shop! Finds like this don't happen every day and I definitely wasn't even expecting it or ever looking for it (or any collectibles there). So now when you go into thrift shops, keep a look out! You just might see something real cool.  

This chimp is in full working's hilarious! Be sure to check out my Vine account to see this guy in action (complete with symbol banging action, creepy moving eyes and sounds).

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