Thursday, August 29, 2013

Brave: Vinylmation

Here is the Brave Vinylmation Merida and Triplets 4-pack! This is a great set for you Pixar/Vinylmation lovers. It was released last year around the time of Brave's  release in theaters and has been available and easy to get since.

This was not a limited release and is not rare by any means. I'm sure everyone visiting this blog has already seen this themselves. It's available at Disney Stores, Disney Parks and I even saw a bunch on the Disney Cruise last year. Definitely pick this set up if you haven't! They will go great with your King Fergus Vinylmation from the Pixar Series 1 Collection. 

 Merida has a great design...and a removable bow! 

 The triplets are fun as well. I love them especially since they are some of my fave characters from the movie! Their antics get me every time.

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