Saturday, August 10, 2013

Monsters, Inc: "Fright Packs" Blind Bag Mini Figures!

Here is a very unique set of Hasbro Monsters Inc. mini figures! These are extremely difficult to find these days, but if you see this set and you're any kind of Monsters Inc. collector, I think you need it. It's a fun collection as there are many of the side/background monsters that have never been released in any other way. It's certainly the most diverse collection of Monsters, Inc. figures out there. They stand about 1-1.5" inches tall and were released in 2001 at the Disney Store in blind bags known as "Fright Packs." Each bag came with three monsters and a checklist showing each available monster and all their names on the back (seen below). Update below: There are 36 monsters total in this series and I've been lucky enough to track down all 36!
And here is my collection! Like I said, some very cool characters:
 Love the "cloud" and "brick" Randalls seen in the 2 photos below-
Some other of my favorite figures, Smitty Baby (above) and Little Mikey (below)! 
 So many favorites...Take a look on the pack-in sheet for all the names! 
Good luck on the hunt!

UPDATE 3/09/14:

After years of searching, I'm SO excited to have finally tracked down the last three mini figures I needed from this blind bag collection: Newscaster, Worried Mike Wazowski and Claws! I now have 36 of the 36 figures that were released. These figures are not easy to come by so I feel very lucky to have all of them!

If you remember the newscaster from the film (after the "child security breach" scene), you'll remember that he doesn't actually have glasses like this figure. Perhaps an older version of the character did? Either way, this is one of my favorites!  

A big thanks and shout out to eBay member pinkcoinsaregoofy for his kindness and for being so willing to work with me. He has great communication and is super of the best "eBayers" I've dealt with. Visit his store today, he's actually is selling quite a few of these blind bag figures if you want to jump start your collection. They don't come up on eBay very often so I would grab them if you can!

Follow this link to see all current eBay listings for these awesome figures:
UPDATE 9/07/21— My YouTube video review is here (and an updated photo of all of them together)! 



  1. Congrats on completing the set - those are certainly hard to come by for sure and very cool to see some of the rare figures they released as part of the the two George Sanderson figures (furry and not furry) or the guy that counts down with (from seven) to kick off the start of the scare floor for the day.

  2. Yah love those ones! This really does have some cool characters not released in any other way. I'm surprised though that they didn't include Smitty to go with Needleman! Do you remember back in the day when these were availible?

  3. That is weird that they wouldn't have included a Smitty. I actually don't remember when these were initially you remember how much they cost per blind bag? Also, how many came per bag? Did you get a ton of duplicates and if so, what did you do with all of them over the years?