Monday, August 19, 2013

Cars 2: Combat Ship

 Welcome to today's post! Today we have the Disney Store exclusive Cars 2 Combat Ship! This is such a cool item for fans of Pixar's Cars series. I don't typically collect the 1:43 scale Disney Store cars (in fact I don't have any and sold the three that came with this ship; hydrofoil Finn, welding torch Acer and welding torch Pacer ). I've only ever focused on collecting Mattel's 1:55 scale line but this was too awesome an item to pass up! Mattel never made a Combat Ship in scale with their diecasts (they did have one for their action agents though but I found that too small) so this was my chance to get this character! It works great with Mattel's cars and I feel it may be even more to scale.

It's big, it has lights, sounds, pop out weapons, rolling wheels and even works as a carrying case! This was originally released in 2011 (I missed it then-it also had different cars included) but had a brief re-release in 2012! It's pretty rare now unfortunately, but if you're willing to fork out $100-$200, there's a few on eBay right now. Get them while you have the chance! Sometimes they take a while to show up online. You won't want to miss this great addition to your Cars collection! 

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Front and back packaging:

Open it up to store as many cars as you can fit in the two levels!

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