Saturday, August 31, 2013

Toy Story: TSC RC

This is a fantastic item from the 2010 TSC (Toy Story Collection)-RC remote controlled car! It's not easy to come by these days unfortunately as this one never saw a re-release (it now sells between $150-$300 on eBay and Amazon). 

As with all the TSC toys, this comes with a certificate of authenticity and is an exact replica based on Pixar's digital data. It's to scale with the film and is the most movie accurate RC out there-even down to the sounds. The only real inaccurate thing about this car is that is doesn't have the "turbo" mode...but that's getting picky! It's a really detailed and well made toy (well, from what I've read and can see from outside the box as I've never opened this one to keep it in great condition till I pass it along to my kids someday).

I remember, this was the very first item I saw from the Toy Story Collection. I was in Target and saw this on a random shelf not anywhere near related toys and I about flipped. I thought, "what is this Toy Story collection? This is totally movie scale!" I went home and immediately looked up what this "TSC" was all about. Not long after that, all the other Wave one characters started coming out and I was able to snag them for Christmas that year. Great stuff! 


Since I haven't opened it, I don't have a video of it in action outside of the box driving around. BUT I still took a video of the try me feature so you can get a sense of how accurate this RC is:

And to see how this RC works out of the package, check out this official commercial from ThinkWay:

Check back in the coming weeks for other items from my TSC and thanks for checking out this blog! Remember, there are updates every day with an item from my Pixar collection so don't miss out.

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