Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Cars 2: Crabby Boat

 This deluxe rolling Crabby Boat from Mattel goes great with the Disney Store Combat Ship posted earlier! Crabby here is from the Cars 2 "Quick Changers" line and is completely made of plastic. Disney Store released a diecast version which is pretty neat and has a bit more detail, but both of them are not completely in scale with the movie (see how small Finn is compared to Crabby in the screen shot above).

Press the button on his head to reveal or conceal Finn (or any other character) as the "secret rotating  deck" spins. To see Crabby in action, check out my Vine video! 

Here is a scale comparison with the Disney Store Combat Ship:
 Recreate the opening scene from Cars 2!

 Overall, this is a fun release and works with Mattel's 1:55 Quick Changers plastic cars or their diecasts. Your Cars 2 collection is not complete without Crabby so go grab one on Amazon if you don't have him yet...he's on sale for only $5.89 currently! Great deal. 

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