Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ratatouille: Character Gift Pack

 Here is my Ratatouille Character Cast Gift Pack from Mattel! When Ratatouille came out in '07, there wasn't a ton of toys released (well, relative to some of Pixar's other films) and it was pretty short lived. Unlike, say, the Cars and Toy Story merchandise which still continues to grow even years after the movie release, Ratatouille toys lasted no longer than a year. Check out more images of this pack below! 

The main toys released from Mattel are seen above on the back of this package. As you can see, there were also those two playsets that I never got (Kitchen and Sewers) that are to be used with these figures and a set of four bigger sized "action" figures that I never got.

Back when this film came out, I was not quite the collector I am today and missed out on a lot of cool toys. Check out some of the images below of more items that are out there that I never got (images just found on Google and are not my own)... 

First, there are more sets from Mattel that go with/can be used with the character gift pack I showed above:

Next is a game released by Mattel called "Kitchen Quake"...Don't know much about it! Has anyone played it?

Here is a Ratatouille themed play food set sold exclusively at the Disney Store back in the day: 

This is the Disney Store Figure set (kind of similar to the one I have from Mattel):

And of course there are many more products out there including more toys, games and plush but these are just the ones that stood out to me while researching online. Let me know what Ratatouille 2007 toys are your faves and let me know if I missed something really cool that I can add to this post!


  1. Hmm - I've never seen that Ratatouille Kitchen Quake game - but more details and photos can be seen here -

    By the way - I think I need that "Escape the Sewers" set!

  2. Thanks for that link T.J.! I'm gonna check it out now! And yah I totally and gonna pack up that sewers set! It's $35 on Amazon right now but you've probably already seen that. Also, I can't find that escape boat anywhere! Not even a packaged photo. The only images I've seen have been comic con (or toy fair) images from that year. Maybe it was cancelled? Interesting. : )

  3. yah looks fun! Found an old commercial for the game as well to see it in action